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“I haven’t liked to sleep indoors ever since I got out of prison. I’ve visited almost every state—only five more to go. And once I finish, I’m going to start over, so she can see them all too.”


I just want to give a shout at to anyone that experiences verbal or emotional or psychological abuse. So often it can feel as though it isn’t as important as sexual or physical abuse but it is, because it disintegrates you and you feel it hurt, even if you can’t see it. All types of abuse are important. You are strong and you can get by, even if it doesn’t feel like that now, and one day you will be living in somewhere that feels safe and you don’t have to be on your guard all the time.

September 26th / 22 notes

To all those who feel like they’re not beautiful, that they can’t keep fighting, that they’re weak, or worthless, or a failure. Please believe me when I say that you are beautiful, you are strong, and that you can do this! You’re not alone. I’ll be your friend. <3